About Us

officeWe have the eco friendly, cost effective alternative way to extend your property or create a new separate dwelling.

If you require extra living area for example, a large square lounge, bedrooms, playrooms, gymnasium or work space then we may have the ideal answer for you. We handle the whole project including plans, building regulations, construction and putting your garden back. There are many options for gaining entrance to your underground rooms, for example, a direct link from your existing property or from a small brick built out building.

Earn Rental Income

Extra rooms are often used to bring in rental income. You have bought the land so why not get the most out of your investment.


Council planning issues such as overlooking your neighbours, over development, being out of character to the area and loss of garden space can all cause problems when building above ground and often result in permission being refused.

Our designs have made it possible to build much larger rooms, sometimes up to 100% bigger.


Greenbelt and Conservation Areas

It is often difficult to achieve planning permission in certain areas. Although each planning application is judged on its own conditions, councils have informed us that a project underground will be a lot more favourable as it is not intrusive to open land areas and will not stand out of character to surrounding properties.

Your Garden Afterwards

After your construction is finished you have a choice of laying a new lawn, block paving or other finishes such as wood decking. The toughened safety glass windows can be flush to the ground level therefore you don’t lose your valuable garden area.


Bright Spacious Rooms

Windows in the ceilings of our underground rooms can project more light than a conventional house window. This is due to direct sunlight shining down. Your end result will be a bright spacious area with full waterproofing and a separate ventilation system.

Eco Friendly

Our underground rooms are naturally self insulating. Temperatures stay consistent all year round and you can expect your heating bills to be up to 80% lower than building above ground. Our designs are also soundproofed by the earth around them and solid concrete roof structure.


 Earn Thousands of Pounds

If you have a plot of land maybe next to your house or at the rear, it maybe possible to create a complete new separate dwelling, for example a two bedroom apartment with full kitchen and bathroom facilities. When building a new home your local council planning department will want to see adequate garden area known as amenity space. Many plots are big enough to build a house on but have no space left for this essential area, often leading to permission being refused. With our design the garden area is above the new dwelling, therefore helping to solve this problem and may make your land a lot more valuable.