Underground Living Ltd provide an eco friendly, cost effective, alternative way to extend your property or create a new separate dwelling.

If you require extra living area, a large square lounge, bedrooms, playrooms, gymnasium or work space then we may have the ideal answer for you. We handle the whole project from plans, building regulations, construction and putting your garden back. There are many options for gaining entrance to your underground rooms, for example, a direct link from your existing property or from a small brick built out building or some prefer steps leading down under a gazebo.

Design and Build


Stage I

Feasibility and Planning

Underground Living Ltd will undertake works from inception, preparing your brief and client requirements, concept design, feasibility, cost analysis, through to planning application.


Stage II

Technical Design

Once planning approval has been granted, a detailed technical design, including Building Regulation drawings, Structural drawings & calculations, drainage & waterproofing system, will be finalised and detailed costs established.


Stage III


Our construction team will take over, initially carrying out the enabling works, to the construction plan, including methodology for excavation, carting away, underpinning, drainage system, basement construction and right through to finishing works and commisioning.